Founded in 1885 by Felipe Rutini, Rutini Wines has been one of the pioneers of the Argentinean wine industry ever since. Leading the industry in 1925, the Rutini family planted the first vineyards in Tupungato, in the heart of the Uco Valley. Named after one of Mendoza ́s mountain peaks, the Tupungato Valley was no more than a stop-over on the road to the mountains when the Rutini family began to plants their first vines. At an elevation of 3000 to 5000 feet (900 to 1500 meters) above sea level, the Tupungato Valley offers many different microclimates, creating optimal growing conditions. Today it is recognized as one of Mendoza ́s premier viticulture regions. Combining the long tradition of production and wish to constantly evolve and innovate, Rutini Wines is recognized as one of the most successful and relevant brands of our time. The wines of Rutini Wines bring a reputation of its own, as it is one of the most successfully sold brands in Argentina. Their prestigious and traditional style has been recognized throughout many generations in our country, bringing great excellence and distinction. Throughout the last decades, our wines have been recognized by many foreign visitors, leading the Argentine wine industry and abroad for its authentic nature and distinction.

Rutini Trumpeter - Malbec.png
Rutini Trumpeter
Malbec, 2018
Rutini Collection - Malbec.png
Rutini Collecion
Malbec, 2016
Rutini Trumpeter - Torrontes.png
Rutini Trumpeter
Torrontes, 2018
Rutini Encuentro Chardonnay.png
Rutini Encuentro
Chardonnay, 2017
Rutini Trumpeter - Malbec Rose.png
Rutini Trumpeter
Rosé de Malbec, 2016

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