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The story of Matetic Vineyards begins in 1999. Led by Jorge Matetic, fourth generation of the family in Chile, the family embraced the challenge of planting Syrah in a cool-climate location, becoming a pioneer project and developing a new category of coastal Syrah within the country. Confident in the spectacular conditions given by the Pacific Ocean’s influence and the ancient granitic soils of the place, Matetic Vineyards set a high goal to itself: to become one of the best cool-climate wineries, focusing on quality and excellence, crafting wines that would show the great potential of coastal Chile To achieve this goal, a team with the best professionals was formed, including the Californians Ken Bernards as consultant winemaker, Ann Kraemer in viticulture and the late Alan York as a consultant in biodynamic farming. All of this, with one objective in mind: crafting wines of the highest quality, practicing biodynamic and organic agriculture, to show the world wines born of an environment- respectful philosophy.

Matetic Corralillo - Cabernet.png
Matetic Corralillo
Cabernet Sauvignon, 2015
Matetic Corralillo - Gewurztraminer.png
Matetic Coralillo
Gewurztraminer, 2018
Matetic Corralillo - Sauvignon Blanc.png
Matetic Coralillo
Sauvignon Blanc, 2018
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