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When you are handed a bottle of wine, 

you are looking not only at the aesthetic effort put in the label, but more importantly its content, demonstrating years of hard work, dedication and, not to say the least…the passion. It is a genuine art to bring out the intricate flavours of this fruit, an art only a few can master. 

At Asia Wine Network Myanmar, we endeavor to bring to your table a selection of wines that are recognised by their excellent quality; a quality that possesses a deeply embedded tale of character and unique personality which we strongly believe will surprise you and your customers in your wine adventure with us. 

We hope, through AWN Myanmar’s guidance, commitment and range of dedicated services, you will be able to focus on your business ventures and achieve the best possible outcome


Our Wine Selection

Our Red Wines

Discover our red wine selection that has been carefully crafted to please the palate. Appealing aromas and distinctive characteristics make this selection irresistible.

Banfi Col Di Sasso - Sangiovese Cabernet
Rutini Trumpeter - Malbec Rose.png

Our Rose

Our selection rose wines

Deep Woods Estate - Chardonnay.png

Our Sparkling Wines

Let yourself be seduced by our sparkling wines

St Louis - Blancs De Blanc.png
Koyle Gran Reserva - Cabernet.png

Our Sustainable & Organic Wines

Our proud selection of organic, biodynamic and sustainable wines for all our eco-conscious drinkers.

Our White Wines

Let yourself be seduced by our white wines that come in every flavor profile from crisp and dry to juicy and sweet—and everything in between.

Deep Woods Estate - Chardonnay.png

"Wine is the artwork you can drink"


Luis Fernando Olaverri

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